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***THE DEAD ART OF DJING*** a rant by Gobs

Prior to 2011, I had been considering a career move to full-time DJ more and more. I had a great day job that prevented me from touring, and it was a very tough decision to quit that job, but in late 2011, with some positive reinforcement from my agent, I finally said goodbye to the…

DEAD AIR BASS 019 (BEST OF BASS 2014) ((January 2015))

2014 was quite an amazing year for bass music. Don’t believe me? Stick around for an hour and I’ll show you just what I mean, as I mash my 30 favourite low frequency heavy tunes of the year into one memorable power hour of musical goodness. Breaks, House, Global Bass, Trap, Twerk, and beyond.

TOP 10 OF 2014

It’s that time of year again. My annual TOP 10 list, this one pertaining to the year that was 2014. As usual, the list contains a wide variety of sounds, but you’ll find all ten to be electronic, infectious, and highly danceable.


My new single, LOLLIPOP SKANK, drops 1 week from today, and that’s a reason to celebrate! I kick off the show with a sneak peek of the entire EP, followed by an hour of the freshest BASS heavy music.


I can remember thinking, “why would any girl want to wear jogging pants with a word written across the ass?” I never would have foreseen this to be a lasting trend in women’s fashion. I still think it’s disgusting, but all these years later, it’s become so common place that I’m sure girls don’t even…