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DEAD AIR BASS 026 (for KAYLA & DAN) ((AUGUST 2015))

I was planning to cancel this month’s show, but at the last minute decided to use it to do something special instead. This episode, I will pay tribute to a couple of amazing friends of mine, named Kayla Blackman and Dan Tyrant. If you know either of them, I hope you will be tuned…

DEAD AIR BASS 020 (DIRTY V-DAY SPECIAL: PDA) ((February 2015))

V-Day is looming, and that means it’s time for the 2nd annual DIRTY VALENTINES SPECIAL. An hour of hyper sexualized dance music and the mixing is gonna be as dirty as the tunage. This year’s theme is PDA, which either stands for ‘Public Displays of Affection’ … OR … ‘Pu$$y, Dick, & A$$’. Tune…


Instead of the usual lovey-dovey Hallmark holiday bull, I’m dropping a full hour of the dirtiest BOOTY music ever heard on DI.FM, or possibly anywhere. This is going to be the wildest DAB yet. NSFW, so hide ya kids, hide ya wife 😛