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TOP 10 OF 2016

For the first time ever, my TOP 10 tunes, from the year 2016, all fall into the DIRTY HOUSE super genre. These are the tunes I gave the most love over the past year.


This isn’t gonna be one of those “best of the blog” podcasts. With over 900 songs hosted exclusively on DKGL, it’s just impossible to narrow things down to an hour of music. Instead, this will be a decent sampling of all the different sounds you can find featured within the over 800 posts from…

DEAD AIR BASS 019 (BEST OF BASS 2014) ((January 2015))

2014 was quite an amazing year for bass music. Don’t believe me? Stick around for an hour and I’ll show you just what I mean, as I mash my 30 favourite low frequency heavy tunes of the year into one memorable power hour of musical goodness. Breaks, House, Global Bass, Trap, Twerk, and beyond.