Independent Unfranchise Owner Application And Agreement

UneFranchise owner status is granted to applicants who subscribe to an IUA&A and submit a subscription fee with the application. The subscription kit is made available at Market America`s expense and additional funds will be used throughout the year for mailing processing. Market America reserves the right to modify or modify the subscription kit. However, subscription fees can be included at least: all UneFranchise owners must purchase an IUA&A to be accepted by Market America as the owner of UneFranchise. Market America reserves the right to accept or reject any person as the owner of UneFranchise as well as any request for new Business Development Centers (BDCs); or renewal applications. (A) Relationship: the agreement between the company and its owners of UneFranchise does not create an employer-employee relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between the company and the owners of UneFranchise. Note: Owners of UneFranchise must send the original application on paper or register via the online registration process with the help of the sponsor. No faxed applications are accepted. The owners of UnFranchise are independent marketing providers who are fully responsible for their own business practices and should not be considered buyers of a franchise.

The Marketing Plan and Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP), the guidelines and procedures in Part 2 of this UneFranchise Manual and the Independent UnFranchise Owner Application and Agreement (IUA&A) constitute the entire agreement between Market America and UnFranchise Owners with respect to their business relationship. The owners of UnFranchise are independent contractors who are responsible for their own business. The agreement between the independent owner of UnFranchise and Market America should not be construed to establish a relationship between the employer and the employee, agency, partnership or joint venture between the owner of UnFranchise and Market America or between the owner of UnFranchise and the sponsor. The Agreement does not constitute a sale of any franchise or distribution company and no rights have been or are required by any Owner of UneFranchise for the right to market Market America`s products in accordance with the Agreement. UnFranchiseĀ® owner must always use the word “independent” to describe their status. This means, for example, “independent owner of UneFranchise”. If the owner of UnFranchise has a commercial telephone, the telephone must not be mentioned as Market America or in any other way that does not disclose the independent contracting status of the owner of UneFranchise. Any party may terminate the IUF in writing to the other party, for any reason and at any time within thirty (30) days. However, Market America may terminate the IUA&A in writing in the event of a serious breach of the guidelines and procedures for less than thirty thirty) days, in accordance with the corrective action procedure described in Chapter 14, Section 1, of the Franchise Manual. Written correspondence must contain the signature(s) of the owner of UneFranchise. If a UneFranchise owner terminates their UnFranchise business or the UnFranchise business terminates for any reason, they may only submit another request to Market America after 270 days from the last date of inactivity (date of last adjustment). .

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