Loyalty Agreement Deutsch

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue shopping from a company related to the program or to use the services of a program. [1] Today, these programs cover most types of business, which have different functions and reward systems, including banking, entertainment, hospitality, hospitality, retail, and travel. There has been a shift away from traditional systems of magnetic cards, stamps or punch cards to online and mobile loyalty programs. While these patterns vary, the common element is a step towards eliminating a traditional card in favor of an electronic equivalent. The choice of media is often a QR code. Some important examples are the mobile Pocket, founded in 2009 and based in Austria[65], the American Punchd (stopped since June 2013,[66]], which was part of Google in 2011. [67] and an Australia-based customer card application called Stamp Me[68], which contains iBeacon technology. Others, such as Loopy Loyalty (HK), Loyalli (UK), Perka (US) and Whisqr Loyalty (CA), have offered similar programs. [69] Apple`s Passbook is the first attempt to standardize the format of mobile cards. 2. If the contractor processes personal data of Loyalty Partner or a loyalty partner customer in the context of the performance of the contract, an order processing agreement (Art.

28 GDPR) must be concluded in advance. You can consider loyalty reward and credit card plans as modern examples of bribes. Employees who need something for a business trip (for example.B. a flight with an airline or hotel room) but may decide, at its discretion, which airline or hotel chain they wish to use, are incentivized to choose the payment method that offers the most cashback, credit card or loyalty points rewards instead of minimizing costs to their employer. [Citation required] 2. If the Contractor objects, it shall submit a new offer in text form to the loyalty partner as soon as possible. If loyalty partner accepts the contractor`s offer, a new order in text form is required. If Loyalty Partner refuses the contractor`s offer or does not reach an agreement on the modification, Loyalty Partner may request the performance of the initial service or terminate the contract if compliance with the contract is unreasonable without the desired modification. A 2015 study showed that most supermarket customer cards in the U.S. don`t bring any real added value to their customers. [75] In fact, the commercial exploitation of customer personal data collected in the context of loyalty programmes carries the potential for abuse; It is very likely that consumer purchases will be tracked and used for market research to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising, which is one of the goals of the customer card. Other critics see discounted prizes and rewards as bribes to manipulate customer loyalty and purchasing decisions,[74] or, in case of scarce spending, a way to subsidize them.

With the introduction of host card emmulation (HCE) and near Field Communication (NFC) technology for mobile applications, traditional contactless smartcards for prepaid and loyalty programs are being moved in a smartphone. . . .